Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Nest Box

The first day we brought Theodore home we purchased a wooden tissue box from the craft store. It was perfect, because the back slides off for easy cleaning.

As you can see, Polar Bear fits. Kindof.

He has a weight problem. It doesn't help that he is eating all the extra shredded pecans, fruits and veggies.
It is courtesy of the little squirrel food processor that hasn't fully mastered solid food.

The first day we left them in a cage together, I put both Nest Box and Purple Igloo inside. My reasoning was that the squirrel might prefer to sleep alone, even though the temperature drops at night.

When I checked on them, Polar Bear was sleeping halfway in the box and the squirrel was asleep outside next to his tail. It quickly became apparent that the Nest Box is the preferred nighttime sleep spot.

In the end I slid the back half-way off the box. It was the best solution. Polar Bear's rear is still outside the box, but as you can see, they are very content.

There are some great squirrel boxes available for sale online. Here is what other squirrel rescuers have to say about types of safe wood for nest boxes and toys:,

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