Thursday, September 19, 2013

Polar Bear meets Theodore (Days 3 and 4)

Before you make any hasty judgements about Polar Bear, you should know that he is one of the sweetest, gentlest creatures on the planet. He and his kind...ehum...bears are misunderstood.

Anyhow, he knew something was up Day 1 when I brought the squirrel home. From his vantage point on his purple plastic igloo, I am sure he could see and smell the new comer. On Day 2, he wanted to know what I was "squirreling away" in that tissue box across the room. He inspected the empty pockets of my bathrobe where Theodore had been sleeping.

Day 3, he sped up the introduction by hopping off his home and trying to get in the hamster cage I was keeping Theodore's nest box in at night. They got a chance to sniff at each other. Polar Bear was single-minded about getting to know the squirrel after that. Granted, he is a lonely old Bear these days, but he has always been friendly.

Well, so much for trying not to confuse the squirrel!

Polar Bear is channeling his paternal side and has taken it upon himself to teach the squirrel acceptable grooming practices. They both like to sleep, so all Day 3 and 4 they just slept and groomed. Each time they are reunited after feedings they pile into or onto the igloo (because the bear can't fit all the way in the tissue box.

I don't know. Maybe Theodore thinks Polar Bear is a squirrel that has lost all his tail fur. That to me is the main aesthetic difference between ehum...bears and squirrels, and also why humans like the latter more.

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