Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 5 Pecans

I read somewhere that pecans are a good nibble food for squirrels around 6 weeks.

What a mess.

One or both of these guys has crumbled all the pecans, taken down the water bottle and knocked over the litter box.

Polar Bear loves pecans. He loves nuts and seeds of any kind really, but I wanted to tempt him with a big pile of pecans to see if he acted any differently towards his new buddy.
Surprisingly, he left the pile untouched for at least half an hour. I don't know. Maybe I fed him too much that morning.

Anyhow, I read that squirrels have to practice eating for a week or more before they figure out how to swallow solid food. This must be the practicing. Good thing I bought a ton of pecans!

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